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For Computer Repair, Printer Install or Troubleshoot, Software Classes & How to Apple Devices, Computer Setup, Anti-Virus Remove & Install, Wi-Fi Network Services, Software & Email Services including Pickup & Delivery.

  • Printer Install

    On-Site Wireless or USB

    Wireless Printer installation that includes troubleshooting. For most situations, the technician will have you up & running within one hour or less. We would test the printer for connectivity and show you how to print from your smartphone or tablet device.

    We'll fix it at your location


  • Computer Diagnostic

    Fix Microsoft Window Problems

    Pick-up and Delivery are Free to detect problems when your PC /Laptop runs slow or crashes. Includes a Check PC Security and Health scan, Several Virus/Malware Checks and remove, Registry Check and fix, Disc Check/ Clean, a Tune-up to start up quickly,  that usually takes care of most windows issues. Or log-in to Windows10 with safe mode.

    Free Pick-up & Delivery


  • Computer Setup

    On-Site Setup laptop or desktop

    Having trouble setting up a laptop or desktop?

    We can setup your MS Account, create user accounts, install Microsoft updates, MS Office. Connect to your wireless or wired network and printer that is available On-site.

    We'll set it up at your place.


  • Wireless Network

    Residential or Small Office

    On-Site we install your wireless network and secure it with a password. Then we can connect up to four Devices Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone must be available at the site during installation.

    We'll also check for updates


  • Anti-Virus Software

    PC Anti-Virus Installation

    On-Site Remove old Antivirus and Install Microsoft Security Essentials. The best FREE software included in Windows. As a recommendation, PC Matic- US based, Comodo Internet Security- US based or Malwarebytes- US based.  Alternatively, install Anti-Virus you bought.

    Takes up to 45 minutes


  • Re-Install Windows

    PC or Laptop Re-Install Windows

    We Pickup and Deliver Free. Service includes backup of pictures, music, and files if the system is capable. Re-install your licensed Windows Operating System with MS updates. Please provide flash drive/external for backup. We can send an invoice for any additional accrued charges.

    Reset Hard Drive/

                           Full or Recovery


  • Install Linux OS

    PC or Laptop Upgrade Win7 to Linux OS 5.1 Hera

    We Pickup and Deliver Free. Service includes installing US based Linux - elementary OS 5.1 Hera. They have over 13.1k users and the system has auto updates. This is an easy OS to use and it comes with Git integration too. It's so easy my mom can use, it's very user friendly.

    Requirements: dual-core 64-bit processor (i3), 4GB Ram, 15GB HD

    We ❤️ elementary 5.1 Hera


  • Install Win10

    PC or Laptop Upgrade Win8 to Windows 10

    We Pickup and Deliver Free. Service includes installing Windows 10 at $140 or Pro $199. PC must qualify system requirements before upgrade.

    Upgrade your computer

    $231 ^

  • Apple Laptop or iMac

    Diagnostics or Recovery

    We Pickup and Deliver Free. Services for Apple are limited to OS X 10.13. (Late 2012) - 2019 for Laptop and iMac Diagnostics. It would be essential to include your backup of Time Machine for the technician to use if system restore is necessary.

    We're familiar with Mac's


  • Software Install

    Or we can Uninstall Software too

    We will install or uninstall software of your choice. For new software we run updates and register. To uninstall a program not being used just tell the tech.

    Install / Uninstall /Troubleshoot


  • Email Setup

    This includes Online Account or device. Setup & Troubleshooting or Support

    We will setup or troubleshoot your email account with any provider (Gmail-Aol-Yahoo-MSN), online account, device, configure account settings and features, demonstrate functionality. Use this service for new, existing, to troubleshoot any email trouble. 



  • Custom Computer

    Can't find what you want in stores? We can custom build a PC for gaming or a workstation.

    We can build a PC to handle your computing needs. Includes ordering parts and configuring. Extra charge for Operating System, Parts List. Labor Only

    Labor Custom PC


  • Memory Upgrade

    For Laptops or Desktop

    To determine

    compatible upgrade

    or if it is


    We check PC Manufacture and

    Model #.

    Labor Only - Parts Cost Extra


  • Hard Drive Replace

    Or Expand Storage

    To determine compatible upgrade we will check: PC Manufacture and Model #.

    Labor Only - Parts Cost Extra


  • Data Backup

    Includes Transfer

    There are several ways in which you can backup your data. This will be for a common Flash Drive or External Hard Drive Backup. For Pictures,  Video, Documents. If you need to transfer to another PC we can include that too.

    Labor Only - Storage Cost Extra


  • PC Tune-up

    Increase PC Speed & Load time

    System clean up, Windows updates & device drivers, clear browser history, disable unnecessary startup programs, browser toolbar extensions & other checks. 

    Malware/Virus Removal Add $49


  • Senior Discounts

    Services for 65^yrs or better

    On-site & Pick-up & Delivery

    Free - No coupon, promo code or gimmick necessary. Our ElderTech Services Receive Deep Discounts on all technical, software or learn your PC, Mac, tablets and mobile devices. For only $30/ 2-hours or $15/ hour for any combination.

    ElderTech Services 65yrs^ better


  • Classes

    Software & Device Learning

    On-Site made EZ

    No matter if it's Windows Fundamentals or Apple Mac. Learning software from Quickbooks to Facebook or how to navigate using a new device, we can make the process fun!

    Learn your device or software



Dedicated to Small Business

Finance | Accounting

Bookkeeping | Accounting | Tax Prep

Our service-based clients have access to an experienced Full Charge Bookkeeper / Accountant who has over 32 years experience. Be confident in hiring a dependable, knowledgeable accountant.

Cloud Services

Online Services For Your Business

Keep performance at its best. Administrative, Customer Service, Content Production, Blog & Website Maintenance, Email (Inbox) Management, Email Marketing, Outreach, Audio & Video Production.

Social Media

Facebook | YouTube | Instagram | Pinterest

Do you need help setting up new pages, accounts, or groups?

What about promoting new content to post about. We can help you generate more sales leads.

Web Marketing

We Design Online Marketing Materials

for Facebook Ads, Google Adwords it is the best way to get noticed online and to be in front of your competitors. Do you need help with Google verification code or getting a code? What about setting up or posting to your Google account?

Website Design

Content Production

We build and maintain websites for personal, business or blogging with included SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is vital to get noticed online by Google and other search engines.



For Personal or Business


Just $16 /hr, we can pick-up Lunch, your prescription, whatever you need, even packages weighing up to 50 lbs & deliver! 👍🏻


We're 100% committed giving you satisfaction with our services. If something isn't right let us know so we can fix it at no charge to you.

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Our friendly techs love what they do. They are hand-selected, background checked, and know what to do to get your item fixed.


We don't mind giving you extra time if you need additional help. Ask your tech, they love to answer your questions. 

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The old Alienware PC used to run Windows7 when it began slowing down to the point, I just turned it off and didn't use it again. Our kids kept asking for a computer for schoolwork and to play games on, but it wasn't in our budget to buy new equipment yet. A friend of mine at work recommended taking the PC to Tech-EZ Texas for an update. Darlene kept in contact to let me know what stage in the process she was in and when it was complete......>  

Lubbock, TX

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