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Why Choose ElderTech Services?

Our service area is within a 30-mile radius of Lubbock, TX

Computer Repair Senior Services
Services for seniors 62+ 
Only $19/hr for any combination
or a monthly plan Starting
at $190

At Tech-EZ, we believe in using forward-thinking technology, offering solutions to improve transparency as part of our individualized ElderTech plan. We would love to implement a modern solution to help reduce feelings of fear from being disconnected from family and friends. Or by providing devices and services that are less frustrating from complicated menus and easier to read font sizes. Adding minor changes to the right launcher for your loved ones' cell phone will be less confusing to make or receive phone calls and accidental settings changes. Access to email, social networks, and phone calls is critical to staying connected with family and friends. We create a solution for each client's needs and share or link to other family members, including friends, to help secure their devices and provide a better quality of life. In addition, we want to help eliminate social isolation, which can have adverse effects, including diminished cognition and depression.

Ordering Services are accessible by phone or by filling out our service request form below, no upfront charges, paying when complete.

Enjoy cognition games designed for aging seniors, make calls easier to see and understand, check the weather, share photos with friends and family, even video chat with the grandkids. These services include:


Connections At Home
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  • Going to your families home for a WellTech check when not responding to phone calls or emails

  • Setting up and maintaining assistive webcams

  • Setting up and keeping apps assistive from respective platforms

  • Facilitate training, including access to music, dance, photography, and hobbies

  • Install games and activities that help cognition and memory

  • Sharing of family photos and event recordings

Scheduled phone and video calls

Install printer or troubleshoot

Install Wi-Fi or Fix connections

Software Classes, learn your device

Setting up and maintaining assistive devices like the new GrandPad® with 4G LTE service 


Image by Shahid Abdullah from
Image by 200 Degrees from Pixabay_edited

Computer Repair, set-up or customize 

Add Security 

Customizing a Wi-Fi Tablet for assistive apps from respective platforms

senior classes.jpeg

This couple is so excited after they learned how to use their webcam to call family and friends to stay in touch face to face! You'll never know unless you try it out.  

Order Services Today -
Pay when complete
or ask us to bill you.
* If replacement parts are necessary we will give you a price of the parts so you can decide if you want to buy them.
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