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Social Media Manager
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Plus Ad cost across social media channels for promoting

As your social media manager, we will oversee and develop social media strategies to grow your business brand. Our experience will certainly help you in generating traffic and sales leads. What exactly do we do for you?


  • Set up new pages, accounts, groups

  • Community building, engagement

  • Brand reputation building, Social Media Optimization (SMO)

  • Promote new content creation then post across various social media channels; Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube

  • Promote posts of others via social media

  • keep the conversation going via social media (creating polls)

  • Share images/videos/articles

  • Reply to mentions /messages /comments on social media channels

  • Create marketing campaigns through paid Facebook Boosted Post

Why should you hire us?

We have proven methods for business success through a multi-channel online portal. Using a multi-platform that is multi-linked to your business information will give your business a robust professional portfolio in the digital market. We dedicate our time to your business growth, and we're not happy until your happy with your business marketing results. Services starting $18/hr

Reqest Social Media Marketing
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