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Windows Fundamentals Class
Are you new to Windows10? Learn how the software programs have changed to Apps or Live Apps, navigate- find out where essential settings are. How to setup Windows Ink, Windows Hello, your digital pen, the correct way to change the size of the font without losing resolution. Also, how to set up backups.

Microsoft store, movies, and TV included with Windows Fundamentals.
Learn how to download games movies and watch TV using apps from the MS store. 

Apple Mac Fundamentals Class

Changing from Windows to Apple /Mac can be challenging. Learn what is important like your Apple ID, setup time machine for backups, and how to change essential settings. For iPhone and other iDevices, I will help you set up iCloud for backups. 

Microsoft Office Class

No matter if you are starting or have used Microsoft Office for years there are so many new features you could be using that will increase your productivity.

Facebook Fundamentals

We help you to set up, activate, find friends, and make your first post. How do you upload a picture or video? We got that covered too. Then we can show you how to find the things that interest you.

Intuit Quickbooks Class

Intuit offers several useful applications to help with small businesses. The main title for keeping your books is Quickbooks, which has several options. An online mobile, desktop premier industry-specific custom to the way your business works. We can help you to learn the basics and how to customize with the additional tools in each version.

Facebook For Business

We set up, activate, Go through Ads campaign, the Facebook blueprint is a series of video classes you can take for free. We offer a detailed illustration that the videos can not provide in your home or office and make your first post. How do you upload a picture or video? That's covered too.