Why Choose ElderTech Services?

Our service area is within a 30-mile radius of Lubbock, TX

No Coupon, Promo Code or Gimmick Necessary. All Technical Services are only $30/2-hrs or $15/hr for any combination.

At Tech-EZ we understand how frustrating and confusing it can be when your computer and devices don't work correctly. Or if you're stuck and don't know how to navigate around a problem. By providing supportive services in incremental steps that are easy to understand we can make this experience fun and excite by providing you with the knowledge necessary to keep up with the ever-changing digital world.

All Technical Services are for anyone 65 yrs. or better! That's an outstanding relief, comfort, and value for individuals on a fixed income or budget. No credit card needed to book services either. We'll write up an invoice when our session has completed. 

Order Services For An Aging Parent 

Do you have a loved one needing help and guidance using their devices? What about technical help and support?  Book Now No money down necessary to get started. All-Tech Services;



Connections At Home

Our mission is to help bridge the gap for seniors to stay active and decrease social isolation. We'll help clients and their families stay connected while providing tech services at affordable prices. And training in small steps that are easy to follow so you can learn your digital devices and keep in touch with family and friends. We provide outstanding customer support with a solution 

that works for you.

Computer Repair it's all-inclusive* 

printer trouble or installation 

Wi-Fi issues

Software Classes

Help! I've pushed the wrong button everything's gone!!!

We'll invoice you when the job is complete.


Computer Set-up 

Add Security 

Learn how to iPad

Or how to iMac

We'll Set-Up Email and Video Cam

This couple is so excited after they learned how to use their webcam to call family and friends to stay in touch face to face! You'll never know unless you try it out.  

Order Services Today -
Pay when complete or ask us to send the invoice by email. 
* If replacement parts are necessary we will give you a price of the parts so you can decide if you want to buy them.

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